Klopp Pleased with Solanke Performance

Klopp Pleased with Solanke Performance

Jurgen Klopp successfully made some changes when facing Stoke City in the Premier League, where he decided to install Dominic Solanke since the first minute kaisarjudi123.com.

Although only played until the 60th minute, the German coach was satisfied to see the appearance of Solanke, and the game became his debut to be a starter in the Premier League, because previously more often derived as a substitute.

“Solanke could have scored a goal because he’s an amazing boy. The game is very good today and I’m glad he can do his job well. Solanke can develop its performance from all facets and this is good news, “Klopp told local media.

Although not scored, Solanke has a big role in the process of opening goals scored by Sadio Mane after he gave assists in front of goal.

“The opportunity that I give really he use. He works like that, I thank him for the assists given to Mane. Because it is very important and a key to our kemenagan. “

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