Kim Kurniawan Called Persib Not Eligible in Central Board

Kim Kurniawan Called Persib Not Eligible in Central Board

Persib Bandung midfielder, Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, began to be restless with the performance of his team who never find peak performance in the league 1. Men’s bloody German judge, should not be stumbling Persib in the middle of the standings.

Persib now entrenched in the rank-10. Ironically, Maung Bandung recorded the most team record draw results. Of the 26 appearances, foster children Abus Abus bagging 12 draws.

“We are focused on every game, do not look at the standings, our targets are the same, we want to win every game, I’m sure if we win the position because Persib is not worthy of 10 or 11,” said Kim some time ago.

A series of draws are inscribed Persib, making Kim increasingly encouraged to continue to improve the appearance. He was eager to immediately give a victory for bobotoh (designation Persib supporters).

“As players definitely want to be the best, in the next game we have to return to top performance again because we can not satisfy the draw,” he said.

Persib will again undergo counter games Barito Putera on Monday, October 9, 2017. For Kim, the game was a momentum to restore the confidence bobotoh.

“We have to improve the game, there is a week of practice, each player can hopefully improve the remaining deficiencies,” he said.

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