Again, Coach and Persib Players Apologize After Losing

Again, Coach and Persib Players Apologize After Losing

Coach and players Persib Bandung again throw apologies This was done after Persib swallow 0-1 defeat of Persela Lamongan in League 1 match at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Sunday (22/10/2017) afternoon.

Minor results that become a barrage of poor achievement Maung Bandung. In the last seven games, Atep et al never win.

Coach Persib Emral Abus said, his students have worked maximally in the game. Unfortunately, the results are not as expected.

“In my opinion, today is the final match between Persib with Persela because the winner who ranks 11th,” said Emral after the game.

“At the time of my meeting had told the players, today is the final game to maintain or win Persib will rise to the top position. We once again apologize to bobotoh, can not give maximum results, “he said.

Emral also claimed to immediately bring Persib reap positive results in a game that dilakoni. But there are some obstacles, which makes it can not be realized.

“Football is not like math. The opponents on this day I think are balanced, the players are good too. Opponents already know the weakness and excess players (Persib). We from the coach team have analyzed in such a way and already applied in the field, but the result can not win, “said Emral.

“Persib new one win, twice lost, and the rest draw, since I hold. The coach business will want to win the game, but every game is always constrained, either because players who missed the red card, there is a yellow card, there is an injury, it is very influential, “he said.

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