3 Stars Serie A It Fails to Perform at the 2018 World Cup

3 Stars Serie A It Fails to Perform at the 2018 World Cup

Shown in the World Cup is the dream of every footballer Kaisarjudi99.com. No exception for the players who competed in the Italian League Serie A. Therefore, those whose country has been declared to pass the 2018 World Cup in Russia, of course, can breathe freely. From qualifying results in a number of continents that have ended, has got 23 teams who qualify.

In the South American zone (CONMEBOL), Argentina finally qualified after beating Ecuador 3-1 in the last game. The Tango team accompanies Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia as the team that passes automatically. Another team, Peru, ranked fifth in the final standings, will play the play-offs against New Zealand.

In Europe, outside Russia as hosts, the nine eligible teams are France, Portugal, Germany, Serbia, Poland, England, Spain, Belgium and Iceland. Four other quarters will be contested by Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Croatia, Sweden, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Greece through the play-offs.

From North America and the Caribbean, represented Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. While Honduras will undergo a play-off against Australia. The new African Zone passed Egypt and Nigeria; three other representatives will still follow. While Asia, represented by Iran, Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

What about a player whose country has certainly not escaped? Indeed, quite a lot of star players in countries that failed to escape it. The stars are scattered in the top European leagues, including in Serie A. Liputan6.com summarizes three Serie A stars who failed to make it to the World Cup next year.

Edin Dzeko

Bomber AS Roma, Edin Dzeko failed to bring his country, Bosnia Herzegovina appear in the World Cup for the second time. Bosnia is only able to finish in third place in the final Group H qualifying group in the European zone. They are unable to compete with Belgium and Greece.

This failure can not be separated from the defeat gained when facing Belgium 7 October. Playing at home, Dzeko and his comrades were down by 3-4. Although in the last game win 2-1 over Estonia, Bosnia still failed because Greece also won against Gibraltar, with the score 4-0.

This result is worse than Dzeko’s achievement four years ago. Yes, in 2014, Dzeko successfully escaped Bosnia to the World Cup in Brazil, although it eventually fell in the group stage.

Back then, Bosnia lost to Argentina and Nigeria, and only once won against Iran. This failure makes Dzeko have to wait another four years to try his luck again. Itupun if he is still actively playing, considering his age has now reached 31 years.

Marek Hamsik

If Dzeko failed to lead Bosnia to qualify for only finishing third in the group standings, the fate of Napoli star Marek Hamsik is even more tragic. Although his country, Slovakia finished second in Group F, but Hamsik still fail to appear in the World Cup next year.

The reason, Slovakia is runner-up collecting points at least (18 points) compared to eight other runner-up. Therefore, Slovakia is not entitled to appear in the play-offs and immediately declared failed. This failure made Hamsik fail to repeat the success of Slovakia in 2010.

At that time, the newly independent country of the Czech Republic in 1993 qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Slovakia also drove until the round of 16, before finally defeated the Netherlands. In addition, Hamsik also failed to continue the good performance of Slovakia who managed to appear in the European Cup in 2016 in France.

Hamsik itself has been a penggawa Slovakia since 2007. Total, until now, 30-year midfielder was already collecting 95 caps and contributed 20 goals.

Stefan De Vrij

Stefan De Vrij may be one of the Dutch players who most regretted the failure of his country to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Yes, in the last two contra Belarus and Sweden, Lazio defender was unable to perform due to fatigue.

However, even if De Vrij comes into play, the results remain unchanged. The Netherlands won the remaining two games, but they still failed, because the previous three points behind Sweden, and their goal difference is much worse. Netherlands finally only finish in third place in Group A under France and Sweden.

However, unlike Arjen Robben who decided to retire from the national team, De Vrij still have a chance four years. De Vrij’s age is still 26 years old. That is, he will only turn 30 years of age at that time.

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